Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our Many Colored Days!

Today, first grade is starting Color Day Fun, courtesy of the wonderful duo (who are also fellow Kansans!), Kelly & Diane from Made for First Grade.

It is RED day today, and we will be making our first class book, as suggested from Kelly & Diane's resource:
Click on the pic to check out this AMAZING resource in their TpT shop!

Their mentor text suggestion for the classroom book is "Mary Wore Her Red Dress".
I own M A N Y kid-lit books (just ask my colleagues!) but I sadly do not own this timeless piece.

For the last few years I've used a poem on anchor chart paper, but it was only about Mary & her red dress; it didn't include all the other fun colors and names as does the book by Merle Peek.

However, I found a YouTube video for the book!
Don't ya just love YouTube?!

It makes the book into a fun sing along, as is probably intended:)
I never knew the tune, or I would have sung it all this time!

If you want to use this video in your classroom, you should HOPEFULLY be able to view it...I'm not always great at embedding videos.
We're off to enjoy our first color day!
If you don't already do something fun like this at B.O.Y for K or 1st Grade, I HIGHLY suggest checking out this amazing packet!
We treasure it every year:)

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  1. Looks great, Amber! I should check youtube for some of the books I wanted, but didn't get ordered...