Friday, January 4, 2013

Currently, 2013

I had to post something.
Boy, life has caught up with this would-be blogger!

My goal is to blog better in 2013.... 4 days late isn't that bad, right?
Forgive me, people.

Here's my Currently, courtesy of Farley.

Okay, the holiday season was not good to me...or my body.
I suffer from the seasonal depression that seems to affect so little of the population, though we all know the truth is a much larger percentage (so "they" say).

In 2013, I need to:

  • restrain my cravings
  • be more active
  • make more time to blog about my totally awesome group of Firsties and stellar school
  • learn to be content with my lot in life ALL THE TIME

Oh, there are times when I feel HAPPY, or Joyful, or FRUSTRATED...
I need to learn to truly embrace all that makes up my life, and just feel grateful for what & how God has blessed me.

I think I'm like 348-bazillionth to link up to her currently this month, but if for some reason you haven't, go check it out and link up for yourself!

Happy  Contented New Year, everyone!