Monday, May 5, 2014

When Life Hands You Lemons….

If you're looking for something fun and relevant to do during the last few days of school, look no further!
Read on to see just what I mean…

About Spring Break-time (March), I was starting to plan for our units of study for the end of the year.
I knew both first grade classes would start our "ABC" countdown about mid-April and that when we got to 'L' day, I wanted to do some fun activities with lemonade.
I have these units that I always use at the EOY:
My small groups would be reading these books from Learning A-Z:

And I ordered these books from Amazon to enhance our lemonade activities:

Little did I know that the back page of "How to Make Lemonade" (small group Learning A-Z book) would tell us all about the little girl Alex Scott, whose story is told in "Alex & the Amazing Lemonade Stand"!

Suddenly, I was inspired to put together all we would learn and incorporate our economics unit in Social Studies by hosting a lemonade stand at our school!
AND we would donate all our proceeds to help fund cancer research…just like little Alex Scott did:) 
I set a date for Friday, May 2nd to host a lemonade stand for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.
The website is super easy to use. 
More about that later.

We would make the lemonade ourselves that day, and sell the lemonade for $0.25 a cup.
Each pitcher of lemonade needs about 10-12 lemons, and one pitcher would be enough for a class of 20 students.
We have 12 classes in our building, and at least 20 adults, so I planned on purchasing 150 lemons.
Sold in groups of 6, I had to buy 25 bags of lemons from our local supermarket to have enough to make 13 pitchers.
They were about $3 a bag, so I spent about $75 in total lemon cost (next year, I will be asking for donations!).

If every student in the building purchased a cup, that price would cover the cost of most of the lemonade supplies and still provide $50 in donations (I decided to donate the cost of the lemons to the fund, as they exceeded the predetermined profit).
So, we set a goal of $50.00, and I really didn't expect too much.
We sent a note home the Monday before the stand with every student in the building explaining the purpose for our stand as well as to where its proceeds would go.

I had a parent ask me if I needed help, and I really didn't think I would need it, but agreed.
Maybe she could help watch students:)
An extra hand is always nice in first grade, right?

My grade level partner teacher was gone that day, but we planned on her sub and student teacher keeping the students on the playground while a building aide helped me rotate first graders in 15-minute shifts (I didn't really want all 36 first graders helping to sell lemonade at one time…too many cooks in the kitchen, you know!).

The day of the stand, I actually had the parent volunteer man the money-handling.
As soon as our lemonade stand opened at 2:15, I didn't get a chance to even breathe until the bell dismissed students an hour later!
We were S.W.A.M.P.E.D!
And check out this shirt a former student made! 
So sweet and supportive:) 

What I planned on not really being a big deal was a HUGE success…thanks in part to social media (a few parents posted the stand on Facebook).

Our tiny little goal of $50.00 was well-surpassed…we totaled $315.00!!!!
$50 is enough to fund 1 hour of cancer research….our $315 should fund almost an entire day:)

I was so proud of our students, and not one complained about not getting the money or getting their lemonade right away (many had to wait until our customers were served).
Some older students had to even go without a second or third glass that they paid for because we actually ran out!
Everyone was very understanding and generous.

You can set up your own lemonade stand for your class, or have one this summer with your own kiddos!
The website is very user-friendly, has downloads and information to help you, and they will even have a representative contact you by email a few times with pointers and advice.
Click HERE to go straight to this organization, or click the icon below:

What better way is there to teach young kids empathy, economics, and how to put others before yourself?
Next year, I will definitely plan more accordingly for what I'm certain will be a successful endeavor! :)
Have a good week, friends!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!

Here are some flowers…

...pretend I just knocked on your front door:)

That's the text I got from a sweet friend this morning, so if you didn't get a May basket today, now you can say you did!

Onto the real reason for today's post: Farley's Famous Linky!

Don't you just love baseball season?
I do!
And this movie (above) is just one of my all-time favorites for the season:)

So glad the weather is FINALLY starting to act like spring!

How many more school days do you have?
We are counting down, folks!

My little cousin is getting married tomorrow!
Both my boys are in the wedding…they are so grown up!
My youngest has to hold hand with the flower girl….so stinkin' cute!
Take a look:
wish this was closer up…take my word for it, it's cute!!

My oldest is an usher, and he looks like such a young man:,(

Wish I looked a little better (i.e., thinner) so I could look as great as they will tomorrow!

On top of the wedding, my students are hosting a fundraiser for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation in the afternoon.

Are you familiar with that organization?

Have you ever seen this book?

Look into it!
It's an amazing opportunity!!
I'll be back this weekend to blog more about it!

Til then, Happy Friday Friends!!!