Saturday, September 15, 2012

Constitution Day

Monday is Constitution Day, and if your school receives title funding, or is within a district that mostly receives title funding (like title money for my building!), it is a federal law that you do some kind of lesson or activity to help your students understand this critical U.S. document.

My colleague and I are each making a class book of the Preamble.
We will pair our students up, and assign each pair a line or phrase from the Preamble, and discuss any unfamiliar wording within their phrase.
A quick-Anita-Archer-style Vocabulary lesson, in a way...sort of:)

Students will then work with their partner to illustrate their phrase, landscape, on typing paper.
They will glue their paper strip with their phrase somewhere on their illustration.
I had to sing the Schoolhouse Rock Preamble tune just to type it out! HA!
If you want the typed Preamble that you can cut into strips, click HERE.

Our character trait for the month of September is Responsibility.
Therefore, to tie in our character ed. with the Constitution, we will talk about rights and responsibilities, and make a T-chart listing our classroom rights and responsibilities.
It will probably look something like the picture above, although I am going to try to let the students come up with good examples before I throw some of mine in:)

We will then rewrite our classroom rules on poster board, followed by our rights, followed by our responsibilities. When finished, it should look something like this:
Now that I'm finished with testing (for now), I am looking forward to teaching, and I just love social studies and history!

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What are you doing for Constitution Day?
Let me know below!
Oh, and today's my birthday:)
I am proudly 32 years old!!
Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I tried to open up your preamble, but it said I needed access. Not sure about that--you may need to embed the file to share from google docs.
    We have to teach do something for Constitution day as well.
    Ps. I am your newest follower, good luck on your giveaway.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the Preamble doc! I used to have no problems with Google Docs, and then overnight it started to hate me:) I think I changed it so that anyone is able to access it now. Thanks for checking out my blog and becoming a follower! Your blog is absolutely wonderful:)