Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Monday Made-It...wait, what day is it?

I can still use the excuse of not knowing what day it is because I'm still on summer break.
For 6 more days.
Ouch. It really hurt to type that!
Sorry to those of you already back in the school-groove. I'll be joining you very, very soon:)
I'll get on with my post now.

I was asked to make a diaper cake for a colleague's baby shower.
I have never made a diaper cake, but figured I could find a tutorial on youtube, or some kind of instructions online.
Or a pin on Pinterest.
Yeah, let's start with Pinterest.
(sneaky smile creeps across face knowing too-well the dangers of going into the abyss that is Pinterest).

However, when I searched "diaper cake" on Pinterest, I immediately became overwhelmed with the images of these huge, elaborate monstrosities!
Surely someone somewhere has downsized and simplified these things, I thought.
I typed "diaper cupcakes" and was immediately inspired.

One of the first images I saw was for a onesie cupcake.
Have you seen them??
The idea was brand-new to me, and I instantly knew I had to make those for my colleague's sweet little girl, rather than a boring & tired ol' diaper cake.

I wrote down the things I needed, went to Wal-Mart, & got to work.
Take a look at the finished product:

I know, the hairbands around the cupcake wrappers weren't necessary, but I couldn't help myself in that baby girl section!
How do all of you mothers with baby girls stand it?!
You must have bigger bank accounts than I do.
Guess God knew what he was doin' when he blessed me with 2 "all-boy" boys:)

Here is the pin I found:

The pin didn't take me anywhere, so if you know the original source of this pin, PLEASE EMAIL ME SO I CAN CREDIT THEM!
I didn't bother searching for the source because I got the gist from the picture, and didn't plan on selling them or anything.

I honestly didn't even plan on blogging about them, but they're just too cute!
I won't be using a little cupcake box like the person above.
I'll just put them on a display plate for everyone at the shower to enjoy:)
With their eyes, of course.
Though they look good enough to eat, in my opinion!

Enjoy your hump-day, friends (see, I know what day it really is) !
I'm off to lock myself in my classroom until some progress is made:)
6   more   days....:,(


  1. 6 more days:(:(:( where did our summer go? Love the cupcakes, so adorable!

  2. Those cupcakes turned out adorable!! I am mom to a 4-month baby girl and I am a sucker for girl clothes and shoes and headbands... I can't go into Walmart or Target without checking the baby section! :)

    First Grade Garden