Friday, June 7, 2013

Wait...Aren't you on summer VACATION?

I'm sure you all have seen this ecard, but on the off-chance it's new to you, I just have to share:
Can I get an Amen from my teacher-sisters out there??
(sorry, teacher-brothers, but you have not been through pregnancy...even if you think you have!)

I'm sure what the author means is that it feels longer than 9 months when you're in the thick of it...
but we all know we do not stop working once the final school bell rings in May (or June).
Here's further proof of that:

I'm supposed to be "off" of work, and I find myself doing more than I probably did the last few weeks of school (don't tell my principal)!
 Although, much of what I'm doing right now is kinda fun:)
Not that trying to stop 19 first graders from climbing the walls for 2 weeks in a row wasn't fun....I kid, I kid!

I am so excited about my new decor that I have been working around the clock.... quite literally; it has been awhile since I watched the sun come up, but I saw it 2 days ago! ....on a cute little calendar set to match my theme.

Now, I know I said I wanted very muted decor, and that is still true, but I do 100% believe that the brain learns/sees best in color, so I've added some color to a few key pieces of the set.
For example, I wanted each weekday's name to stand out.
There's really no picture clues to help emergent readers read those words, so each day is printed in a color that follows the order of the rainbow (Sunday = red, Monday = orange, you get it...).
I made a few different options for the calendar dates, in case I (or you!) decide to emphasize place value and even/odd numbers, as well as some patterning.
I also just can't bear to have my month headers bare, with no hint of seasonal or thematic happenings!
I strived to stay very neutral in regards to holidays (i.e., no Christmas/Easter/Halloween, in case you're in a district where those are discouraged) ...sadsville:( , but the neutral clipart I used is still pretty stinkin' cute, if I do say so myself!

Finally, I want to really use my calendar time this year as a spiral whole group review for CC math standards. That was also my plan last year, but without these cool resources:), it wasn't well executed!
I've included charts, graphs, diagrams, number concepts, place value, and even some addition/subtraction strategy practice.
There are really only a couple of math standards that this set doesn't cover, but if I could find a way to work in measurement, it would be there, too!!

What do you think?
I just L.O.V.E. the "old school" blackboard look.
My plan is to laminate them (so they can be re-used each month) and use CHALK INK wet wipe markers to fill in our data. 

Have you tried those things? They are Fab-u-loso on plastic, so I'm hoping they'll work great on these. I'll keep ya posted:), obviously...
I'm so pumped for this room to come together already!

Since today was supposed to have been the first day of my giveaway (ahem....), I am going to give a set to each person who comments below, from right now until Sunday(6/9) at midnight!
Simply leave a comment below WITH YOUR EMAIL if you're interested in a set, and I'll send it your way!
After the weekend, this little set goes to my tiny TpT first actual item for sale!...for the bargain price of $3.

I am still waiting on 2 more bloggers to reply to my email, and I REALLY can't shell out more money for GC's, so if I don't hear back from them by Monday, I may have to cut the amount of winners (sorry!!). Either way, the 100th Follower Giveaway will start on Monday (6/10), so tune in then to see who's partnered up to help me celebrate! 
I promise there is some really great stuff up for just wait!!

Have a stellar weekend, friends!


  1. I think you did an absolutely amazing job on your calendar decor and that it took a long amount of time. It is going to look great in your room!


    1. Thanks, Mrs. B! We have BOTH been busy little bees working on stuff for our room. I think someone needs to pull us away from our laptops (kicking & screaming, probably, but we need it!) so we can actually take a much-needed break!

  2. Amber,

    I had not seen the e-card...too funny! And I'm loving your chalkboard look too. Although right now, I'm hoping they are covering an old, ugly brown chalkboard with whiteboard. Ha! I'd love the set though. It is too cute!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  3. You did a marvelous job in creating your calendar d├ęcor! I love the colors (and think that colors help our students learn)! I've seen similar e-cards about how others think we only work for 9 months, but never one that also included pregnancy! I am sending it to my co-worker, since she's having a baby in November!


    Teaching Special Kids

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the made me giggle, for sure! I will send that calendar set to you by Monday! Enjoy!!

  4. I love your chalkboard theme, it is wicked cute!
    I would love a set!! I'm your newest follower.


    1. I will be sending a set your way! You must be an east coast friend Jen from Boston used the exact same phrase when I showed her the set! Thanks for following:)

  5. Would love a set! Love it!

    1. I would love to send you a set! Thanks for the compliment:) Look for it on Monday!

  6. Hi there. I just checked our your blog via Primary Inspired. I'd love your classroom set if it's still available. My school e-mal is Thanks so much!

    1. I will get it to you on Monday. Glad you checked me out:)

  7. Hi Amber -

    I just found your blog through Fluttering Through First. Being a fan of all things chalk and chalkboard, I find your set super cute! I would love to have a set if they are still available. :-D

    PS - Where oh where did you find those markers? I haven't come across them yet.

    1. Yes, I will send you a set! I'm glad you think it's cute...I do, too:) I had to "google" the markers, but ended up ordering them from Amazon. I had some that I was given and used them on plastic tubs (rather than sticker labels), which works wonders! But my old set is kind of dying, so I just ordered a new set to replace them. You will LOVE them!!