Thursday, September 6, 2012

Currently and Goal Setting FREEBIE!

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I know we all say it every time there is a new month, but I simply cannot believe it is already September!
Which means, I'm linkin' up with Farley for my second Currently.
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Last year (my first year teaching on my own), we set a goal as a class that we wanted to work on for the week.
As a brand-new teacher, I thought my brilliant class of six- and seven-year-olds would help me come up with some great things we could all improve upon, and some students did inspire several of the goals in my download.
However, others came up with things such as "stop picking my boogers and eating them", "start eating more fruits and vegetables", and "tell my brother I love him every day".
Now, those are all good goals (I seriously hope the student who suggested to stop nose-picking accomplished that over the summer), but not exactly what I was looking for in regards to classroom appropriate goals.

So, I came up with most of the 18 goals that I want my class to work on during the first 18 weeks of school (1 goal per week. Sounds doable, right?), and I will discuss them with my class instead of having them come up with the ideas this least, for now.
These goals are honestly in no particular order, although we did use the first two cards as our first two goals.
You could introduce them whenever you see a need.
I plan on displaying them all year long, as a reference (even when we aren't currently working on a certain goal) after they have been introduced.
Last year, I wrote them on sentence strips, but I liked the pictures better for emergent readers and visual learners.
And folks...some pictures are really stretching it.
I don't yet have as many as I would like in my collection.
See why I just can't get cable yet? (close your mouth, it's not that shocking. No, I'm not a zealot who thinks TV is from the devil, although, some shows on TV, I seriously wonder about...)

Anyway, I will display the goal cards on the poster pictured below.
Click (HERE) to get a different version of the poster.
Google Docs hates me and won't let me upload the cute one, so if you want the one I'll be using, email me and I'll send it to you!
Clipart and frame courtesy of Frog Spot/From the Pond.

And I will try to post all 18 goals in my room (somewhere) after each one is introduced.
Click on either pic of the cards to download from my TpT store.

Do you have any suggestions for goals you like your students to work on?
Sorry...I refuse to make a nose-picking card, but I might try to incorporate a few other necessary ideas!
Let me know what you think below, or leave me some feedback at my tiny store.
I know you won't get credits for freebies, but I will sincerely appreciate it!

Okay, that about does it for the night.
Friday is on the horizon, dear friends! Yeah, yeah!!


  1. I wish I had a clone assistant too!!!!!!!

    Apples and ABC's

    1. I'd think "they' could at least afford to hire a personal assistant for each teacher nationwide if they're not going to pay us any better!! I'm even starting to think that would make enough of a difference for me:) I'd be happy! HA!

  2. I absolutely love your goal of the week! I have a class of 30 this year and it would be oh so helpful with 32 bodies (as my students say) in one tiny classroom. How about "I will always put my name on my paper." "I will walk through the halls quietly." "I will keep my hands to myself." Just a few things I have been saying a few times this week. Glad I found your blog through Farley. I also loving your blog name.

    Apples and Papers

    1. Great ideas! Thanks so much for the feedback, Jessica! I will work on adding these to the little packet immediately.

  3. I love the goals Amber. We do that with Conscious Discipline and call them commitments...I later changed them to heart promises. We have done daily commitments and weekly commitments (heart promises). We then try and really celebrate those who work hard to keep that promise. The celebrating by the Cheerleader makes a HUGE difference. =)

    I don't have cable either. I don't think I am missing much! =)

    We do say nose picking is being more hurtful than helpful! Lol! =)

    Blessings to you sweet friend!

    Heather's Heart

    1. Oh, I just love it when you pop in, Heather. The heart promises idea has a much better ring to it than the word "goals". And I love that you celebrate and cheer each other on...we do that as well! Have you ever done the roller coaster celebration? Your students will love it!!

    2. We have done the roller coaster celebration (and they do LOVE it!). We keep those kinds of cheers in a Cheerio box. Since the Cheerleader is one of Our School Family jobs, they use the celebration party horn to celebrate and I have my bubbles that I use to celebrate.

      And of course, we add helpful hearts to fill Our School Family bucket. =)

      You can often bring in some of your Social Studies curriculum about being a good citizen with your class goals/heart promises.

      Have a Fabulous Friday. =)

      Heather's Heart

  4. Your blog looks GREAT!! We are now following you!!

    Come visit us sometime. Stephanie