Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ten Pins for Reading

I am in training for a new math resource all day, but Ashley's PinParty is about reading, so I'll have to shift gears a little:)

My Pinterest collection has built up a little, thanks to this faboo linky, so I'm excited to share these reading-related Pinspirations!

Amanda from the First Grade Garden has the BEST little resources for helping your Daily 5 stamina-building & implementation run smoothly. Her post from the pic above includes stamina charts, posters, I-charts, and book suggestions.
I fully believe my launch of D5 last year was so successful in huge part to her services!
And the very best thing about her resources? They are f-r-e-e FREE!!

Another good source for help with your D5/literacy centers?
Second Story Window!
I recently purchased their CCSS morning work, and am so excited to begin using it this year.
But I was equally excited to read their ideas for work on writing and other D5 inspiration.

LOVE this mini-word wall idea! 
I do not have much space for a word wall, so this seems extremely practical!

While we're talking about words and Word Work, this idea for word families looks way cute!

Don't ya love this cute anchor chart idea for consonant "blends"! Haha:)
Can't wait to use this chart with Teacher Mom of 3's "Blending up a Great Smoothie" pack that I purchased during Teacher Apprec.Week! yay for fun resources:)

I never have enough spaces for kids to read to self, so most end up reading at their own desks.
How boring:/
Wouldn't it be so much more fun to turn your chair upside down and read like this?:)
Gotta find me some extra throw pillows to make this doable...
...course, I wonder if their chairs will slide and not stay in place on my linoleum floor??hmmmm...

Love this visual with a kid-appropriate definition for those early days of building stamina!

Wouldn't it be great to formally introduce your students to a different author every week, or every-other week, or every month?
I love the idea of an active, updated "Author's Corner" to squeeze in a little author's study.
Do you do an author study in your room??
How do you work it???

And last, but certainly not least:

I'm such a believer in the systematic approach of Daily 5 that I am shamelessly promoting it throughout this entire post:)
D5 is the biggest & best change I've made to my reading block in my whole two years of teaching! :D
If you need some D5/CAFE posters to display in your room, Amy from the Resourceful Room's got ya almost any color scheme!!
The above pic is the set I'll be using in my room this year:)

Well, that's all folks.
I'll be back later this week for some math freebies from my totally AWE-some training:)

Check in tomorrow for some much-needed perspective for the day's festivities!


  1. Hey Amber!

    I love that idea of a little Author's Study in the room. I'm not sure how much room I will have so to put something in a corner like that I'm sure will be doable! Thanks for sharing :) I'm off to get some pins and link up too!


    1. Yeah, I don't have a ton of extra room myself, but I'm determined to make it work this year:) We'll see, I guess...Have fun pinning & linking!

  2. Amber,

    I'm with you on the Daily 5! I will never go back after implementing it last year. I love it!
    And I don't know how...but I wasn't following you on Pinterest. Had to fix that! :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. You probably weren't following me because I just recently signed up:) I put it off for awhile because I know it would become a HUGE obsession/distraction, but this summer has been a perfect time to get hooked!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these pins! I love the read to self with the chairs upside down. We always use pillows but I like that they could use their chairs and prop themselves up! Awesome pins. Love them!

    Reaching for the TOP!