Thursday, July 4, 2013

One Nation, Under God

If you don't often think about the fact that God has certainly blessed you with being born in, or becoming a legal citizen of, this country...
...I hope you will take the time, now, to considerate it.

I am proud to be an American...that song ALWAYS makes me misty-eyed:,)
But I am so much more honored to be called a Christian, and a friend of Jesus Christ.

Thank you, God, for blessing me here, in the land that I love.
But as much as I do love this country, I recognize that we need You, Father, more than ever.
I pray that each person reading this post today, whether from this nation or another, would feel blessed, and share their blessings (financially, inspirationally, or however best you can) with others.

Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans!
Please take some time today to thank Him for all the ways we are truly blessed:)

And if you or a loved one has made sacrifices for this nation, thank you SO MUCH, as well.
Thank you, Brandon W. (you know who you are!)

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