Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 1...DONE!

Oh, boy, y'all, my dogs are barkin':)

I forget how helpless these little beginning-of-the-year Firsties actually are!
I mean, the little things you take for granted.
I told them once (and expected them to remember for their lifetimes) that I DO NOT like to be tapped, but please raise a hand if you have a question.
I think by the time the 5th kid tapped me, I turned around like I was going to bite his head off because he shrank back a little. Was my face that bad??

Of the 4 anchor charts I had planned for the day today, we got though (almost) one of them!

I used Abby's Jitter Juice idea and that was hugely successful!
They enjoyed it, even though they kept telling me it was really Hawaiian way! I got this at the Jitter Juice store:)

I did have a little one get sick we were walking down the hall! That was a first! Poor baby:(
I think it was mostly nerves, but who knows. If I'm down for a few days in a week or so, we'll know!

Day 2 plans: 3 more anchor charts (obviously), Chrysanthemum & using kind words, review Daily 5 procedures taught today (ways to read a book, stamina, quiet spots), begin Color Days:RED Day! (see Made for First Grade)...practice, practice, practice!

Do any of you ever find that you need to explicitly teach game-playing at this age? Do parents not have time for board games anymore?? (I know I don't...)

In addition to the plans above, we are going to go over the rules/procedures of some board games that I have for indoor recess. Last year, I found I spent the students' entire recess just telling them how to play the game, then they couldn't remember the rules the next time we had indoor recess so they opted not to play it, but a different group of kiddos decided to play it and I would spend their entire recess telling them how to play it...and on, and on.

Maybe if I teach explicit game directions whole group I won't have to waste so many recesses this year:)
We'll see...
Plus, it's a great way to get them working in cooperative groups! Yeah, that's the reason I'm doing this...

Last thing, I am attempting Kristin's Gold Tags idea.
So far, so good!
Ask me again in December:)

In the mean time, does anyone want to massage my feet? I got paid yesterday, and I'd be willing to part with a good chunk of change for a fabulous foot-sage:)
Any takers???


  1. I am right there with you on the takes all of my patience to not bite someone's head off when they tap! Sounds like you deserve your massage...hope you get one!!

    Spotted Around the School

    1. Oh, it just drives me bananas!! I think last year's class probably remembers that tidbit more than anything I taught them:) sad...
      And I did not get my massage, even though my 5th grade son actually offered after he read my post! What a sweetie!

  2. it! I thought the exact same thing after our first day this year with our Firsties! It's crazy all the things we forget that our incoming firsties will need help with or extra time with!

    I used Abby's Jitter Juice pack too! My class LOVED it! :)

    Glad you made it through your first day all in one piece!
    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

    1. At this point, you must be teaching meat & potatoes!! I can't believe we just started school and you have a couple weeks under your belt:) I can't WAIT to start teaching...and stop "rehearsing"!

  3. Hey Amber! Nice to meet you and thanks for following Ruby Slippers. I'm following you now, too:)

    Grade ONEderful
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