Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little help from my friends?

Okay, y'all...I adore my first graders.
Seriously, they are a great group of imaginative, adorable, friendly kiddos.
The problem is, we are a little too in, we just can't shut up grasp the concept of when to be quiet and when it's okay to visit with our table mates.

I feel really comfortable with my Daily 5 procedures.
Man, those sisters are a coupla geniuses!
Here are my precious darlings doing read to self.
Sorry for the "starry" faces..gotta keep my sweeties safe, you know!

They are doing SUCH a great job staying on task and working quietly...during D5, anyway.

But the rest of the day...oh my!
We are very chatty:) to say the least.
I feel like I say "Give me Five!", "If you can hear my voice, snap two times", and echo clap at least 10 times a day...each!
I've even resulted to turning the lights off and having them put their heads down 2 times today...and I REALLY hate to do that:(

So, I have some questions, and I hope a few of you will chime in and give me a little friendly advice:
Are your kiddos chatty...a lot...throughout the e n t i r e school day?
What do you consider developmentally appropriate for first graders, in regards to the amount of time spent working quietly (aka, sans talking)?
What are your management go-tos for getting and KEEPING those little mouths quiet?

This is only my second year of teaching, and I never felt great about my classroom volume last year, so I would LOVE anything you have to offer!
Thanks, friends:)



    I use this sound chart & it works wonders! I don't think 1st graders should be quiet all the time. I don't think any kids should be quiet all the time (but you wouldn't know that this week, I am really trying to keep the noise level down b/c it just grows with time). I personally think if they are working on an assignment that isn't a test or anything that must be done alone, then I'd say they should be at a partner/whisper voice. If they are lining up or in the hall that's a zero voice or no voice. My kids seem to have it down in the classroom, but want to talk in the halls:(((

    1. Thanks for your comment, Deniece! I am on my way to check out your wonder sound chart! I also do not think that first graders should be quiet all the time, but I also understand that if you give them an inch they take a mile, and if you start letting that go too early, it becomes unbearable (at least, that's what I found last year). Your comment brings some relief:)

  2. I feel your pain with the chattiness!! I play music for my students if they will work quietly or I start singing to get their attention vs trying to talk over them. I have heard of a quiet quilt where is a two sided quilt or small poster that students are allowed to work and talk when one color is showing and they must work without taling when the other color is showing.

    1. I like that quilt/poster thing! If it becomes too unbearable this semester, I might try that after Christmas's now in my "file":) I also play music, but only during Writer's Workshop, because I want it to be like a Pavlov's dogs kinda thing (to help the writing flow when they hear the music), so I hate to use it during other times. Thanks for the tips!!