Sunday, July 27, 2014

Giveaway Winner & #mybeliefsoneducation

Amanda, aka The Primary Gal, has a lofty goal of seeing this pic all over social media.

I'm doing my part to help make it happen:)
The reason is two-fold:
Not only do I completely agree with her idea (from Debbie Miller) about knowing where you stand on your teaching beliefs, and making sure your practices align, but also ---though this reason is not nearly as important---someone that links up with her will win $50 to TpT:)

If you haven't checked it out yet, my little blog has its own Facebook page!
Be sure to click the image below, and you can read all about #mybeliefsonteaching:

THEN, be sure to "link up" for yourself with The Primary Gal.

Sorry I hadn't announced the winner yet...been working to finish both book packets and they're thisclose to being completed:)
Here is the winner of the BIG giveaway!

She should be receiving her paperback books and the digital resources by the end of the week:)

Thank you all so much for following this blog, my stores, and the supporting Facebook pages!!!
Have a super fabulous week!

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  1. So excited and just in time for the big sale! I can't wait to get the books and use them this year in my classroom! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Reading Toward the Stars