Monday, March 3, 2014

Read Across America Linky

Hello, all!

Remember yesterday when I said I was praying kind of hoping for a snow day??


I really needed this.
My house is in a very scary state, and could use some TLC!

So, today I am linking up with Primary Chalkboard for their "Read Across America" week long party.

Today's topic is "Favorite Children's Author".
Well, my favorite children's author is actually Dr. Seuss, people!
I wanted BOTH my sons' nurseries to be Seuss-themed, but that wasn't very popular 12 years ago, so I could't find much to help with the decorating.
I had to settle for Winnie-the Pooh, but that was okay since it was Children's literature, too:)

Because tomorrow's topic is "all things Seuss"
 (and I am going to really try to blog 4 days in a row! I know!),
I will post a few of my other favorite authors.

Let's start with the late, great Barbara Park.
I LOVE Junie B.!
I know I would absolutely want to strangle gently reprimand her constantly if she was in my class, but she commands the attention of primary students!
A little controversial, this heroine uses words and phrases that teachers and parents detest….but let's be honest, no child is completely perfect! 
They've all thought or used those words once or twenty times.

Besides, you can use her outbursts as teachable moments: "Students, should we say/think something like that about someone? What would be something that Junie B. should do/say instead?"
My own son (a first grader this year) is a decent reader, and thrives on nonfiction text.
However, he ADORES the antics of this character!
He will drop whatever he's doing to read a chapter or two of Junie B.
If this series is good enough for him…and my own students…it's a winner in my book! 
(pun intended)

Another author fave: Judy Sierra.
If you have never heard of her, here are a few of my favorite books she's written.
Click the pic to go to her Amazon page!

One of her biggest inspirations was the good Dr., so many of her texts have a sing-song rhyme that he was so famous for using.
"Born to Read" was one of my student's very favorites this year, and they often reference how they are still becoming readers because they were all 'born to read'. Adorable:)

Last but not least, the very talented Steve Jenkins.
Here is my very favorite of all his texts:
Click on the pic to go to Amazon's page for this book!

My students literally fight over this book when it's available!
Most of his books are based on animals, and I just love the collage-Eric Carle-type illustrations that many (if not all) of his books contain.

I could go on and on about more of my favorite authors.
I would love to feature one every other week in my room, but where is the time to implement an author study?
I'll wrap it up today, and set a goal to be back tomorrow:)
Who are your favorite authors?
Let me know in the comments below!
I'd hate to not be in the know of some good kid-lit!

Okay…enough procrastinating!
The day is young and the house beckons:(
Wish me luck...

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