Thursday, June 27, 2013

Top 10 Math PINspirations

I am linking up with Ashley from Just Reed today, for her 10 PIN linky.
I honestly have just started becoming addicted using Pinterest, so I really don't have that many pins...10 might be stretching it, but we'll try!

Here we go, in no particular order:

I'm certain most of you have seen this pin, or maybe you even use it in your own classroom, but I just think the original creator of this time resource is a regular Einstein!
I love how the leaves are even in order of how we tell time: hour first, then minutes. And they are proportionally the same size as the hands on the clock!!
I'm telling ya, pure genius!
Since my first graders are only required to tell time to the hour and half-hour, I would probably add plain petals to all increments, except for the 15 minute markers (12, 3, 6, 9)...I hope that makes sense...

This is great, concrete way for first graders (or any grade, for that matter) to practice fact fluency. 
I am definitely adding this to a center this year:)

 I remember taking a screenshot of this exact anchor chart, back when I thought Pinterest was for Facebook-only people, and sticking it in a file on my desktop named "great ideas".
I forgot about it (as I did all my screenshots of ideas...thank you so much, Pinterest!), but I fully plan on utilizing it this year!

Another great, concrete way for students to practice number sense in a center. Love it!
Not to push a product, but I purchased this pack from Melissa last summer, forgot about, and only remembered I owned it when I backed up my computer this week!
I CANNOT believe I went all year without implementing these great kinesthetic ways to practice math skills!! 
You should check it out:)...just sayin'...

 Another good use of common resources (playing cards) to keep kids engaged and practicing facts in centers. 
Can you tell I'm all about math centers this year? 
I didn't do much with them last year; only when our program called for it (one day, every other week or so)

This marks a first for me! 
I have never before had the know-how/courage to embed a video in a blog post:)
Yay me!!!
So, this guy is hilarious, and what a great way to get your kiddos engaged than to be just as silly!
I am soooo doing this song this year...probably even for an observed lesson!
And the following pins will also be used for place value practice during that same lesson:

Whole group practice, also from the same "nut" who made the video above.
He may be a nut, but he's a genius:) If only my kids had him as a teacher!
Watch'll feel the same way.

 I will be using both of the ideas above in centers and at my table with small groups to ensure place value understanding. 
In reflecting on my teaching during this past year, I really don't feel I hit/instructed place value as well as I could/should have.
I can only apologize to my class of last year....and make sure I do better about it this coming year!

This actually does include almost all of the pins I have on my math board! Ha!
I'm sure I'll pick up a few from you all that link up, or have already linked.

If you missed the boat, you're only 2 days behind.
Go ahead and link up with Ashley; I need a few more pins:D
Just Reed!

Have a great Thursday, friends!
I'm off to talk Daily 5 & Common Core with my very good friend Melissa of Mrs. B's Bright Blessings.

If you haven't checked out her blog yet, look her up! 
She just posted some picture book favorites:)

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  1. I love the lego one-it's one of those things where you wonder why you didn't think of that! :) I will have to teach place value next year because I'm looping and will take those ideas too-it's definintely a hard concept for them.