Thursday, May 30, 2013

Does anyone remember me???

I don't have any acceptable excuse.
We're all busy.
We're all stressed:)
The last 6 months (you read that correctly) seemed to crawl by while I was in the trenches, but honestly I CANNOT believe my last post was in January.

I wish I had something to offer you all in the form of a freebie or giveaway.
Will you accept a little inspiration offering? Pretty please?:)

I have enjoyed the first few days of summer vacation (ahhh....) by just playing with my boys and cleaning a very unkempt house!

Now, I'm already starting to get back into the school-mode by planning and perusing blogs and sites for this fall's preparations.

Introducing my theme for the next school year:
Chalkboard Charm, by Melanie Ralbusky

Our district's high school's colors are red and black, so I'm sure I'll score extra points for this theme...but that's honestly not why I want it.

Last year, I did "bright on black" and I am super sick of all the bright colors...ugghh.

The red in my room will be minimal; mostly white and black.

I already ordered some fab border from mpm school supplies.
Take a look!

In addition to the patterned red, I ordered just plain ol' straight-edged red border.

I was most inspired to post today because my wonderful friend and mentor, Melissa, is starting a blog and posted her Schoolgirl Style inspiration.
Head on over to Melissa's blog and introduce yourselves.

She will love the new company!
(and I'm sure she'll be a much more dedicated blogger than me....)

For awhile, I will be filling my days with book studies, and just some straight up studying over our new math series and reviewing Common Core and many of the programs already in place in our district (phonics, language arts, social studies).

But very soon (am I the only weirdo counting down the days til the end of July? probably...) I will start the wonderful process of decorating my "new" room! I love it!

Sorry for being so long-winded today.
I had 6 months to make up for, you know....

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  1. So proud of you for finally updating your blog. Thank you for sharing my new blog with all your followers and thank you for your help today! Couldn't have done it without you!