Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday

So....I've been MIA for quite sometime.
Stress of school is really sinking in!

Tomorrow, we have intervention meetings in my building.
Basically, we look at data and determine what students need intervention (our state calls it MTSS rather than the RtI acronym most of you use).
I was much more happy with the results of our screeners than I was this time last year!
However, there are quite a few kiddos who need help with very basic math (counting and cardinality).

For that reason, I am so glad I get to represent our building on the math adoption cadre this year!
We desperately need a new program to help prepare students for these math standards required by the Common Core!
Currently, we use Everyday Math, and I LOVE that it includes some higher-order thinking, rich problems. That's obviously where Common Core is headed, but....
...that is not where most beginning of the year first graders fall!
MOST students (in my room, anyway) are not yet ready for that kind of thinking and problem-solving. I don't feel it is a good program for Tier 1- Core support.
It is very beneficial for enrichment; for those kids needing a push in mathematics.

I decided after our initial committee meeting today that I would love for some of my bloggy teacher friends to weigh in with their thoughts.
Don't worry---you don't have to get on a scale!

But tell me your thoughts....and don't be afraid to get a few things off your chest (complaints, challenges).
Maybe you'll feel "lighter" after doing so!
Then you can get on that scale, if you so choose. hehehe.

I know it's the last Wednesday of the month, but I've decided to start a monthly linky on the first Wednesday of the month: Welcome to Weigh-in Wednesday!!
I know it says "worrying", but I needed another "W" word to make it cutesy:)
Think 'stressing', rather than worrying, if you want!
Today's topic: Math curriculums programs.
We all know the standards are our curriculum, and the purchased programs are to help implement those standards, but we often use the term "curriculum" when referring to those packaged deals, so I typed it above so you're not confused about what we're discussing.
Not that you would be. But being a first grade teacher, I guess I feel the need to over explain things every now and then:)
I have only 2 years experience with Everyday Math and 0 experience with any other program:)
What are you thoughts about the program you use?
What do you enjoy about it?
What makes you pull your hair out would you change??

Until I figure out how to do this linky thing (I have no time to research it right now..gotta go through my data, get dinner on the table and fold laundry some time this evening!), I hope you'll be so kind as to comment below!
I'm looking forward to hearing from many voices, as I would love the feedback on some of the programs we're looking at right now (enVision, Investigations, Math Connections, EM with Common Core)
And grab the button above "Today's Topic" to pass the word on to all your followers, if you would!

Thanks, all!


  1. Oh MTSS, the bane of my existence!:). I'm so exhausted from all the one on one interventions that I feel like I never get to do an activity with all my kiddos at once anymore! At least I can celebrate when I see some results from it!!
    We have envision and all I will say is grrr....
    Also, don't you love how Kansas has to rename everything!!!!!

    1. As much as I appreciate the thought of intervention time, in a non-Title school with limited resources and personnel, it's often a pain! Not an enVision fan, hmm? That is one the cadre has liked so far...maybe we need to REALLY look at it closely, huh? Thanks for weighing in!!