Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grandparents' Tea & I {heart} the Dollar Aisle!

Hi, everyone!

Don't you L-O-V-E that Walmart has a dollar spot?
Right before school started, I picked up these HUMONGOUS brightly-colored paper clips, just knowing I would find some brilliant use for them.

Lucky for me, I picked up about 6 packs (so I had at least 1 for each student in my room) because I came up with a super cute way to display our iPad "all APP-out me" posters.

Some font decorating with Powerpoint, Crayola "Bold" markers, and Scotch Laminator later (because I don't have a Cameo...Sadsville, as Michelle would say) :

...I now have fabulous name signs to hold all my students' work throughout the year!

I would show you the cute posters hanging from the name signs, but the download is no longer available from the creator. However, you can find something very similar and just as wonderful from Kate of EduKate and Inspire at her TpT store: just look for her iStudent pack.

I wanted to get these lovely name tags up before we had guests for "tea and cookies" on Monday.
Our school district strives for family and community involvement, so we always do Grandparents' Day up right.
Last year, it was a Grandparents' Breakfast.
There were some "kinks" in that system, so we tried an afternoon tea this year:)

It was an absolute hit!
Here is just a glimpse of how crowded my classroom was at 2:30:
and that's just one corner of my world, y'all...
...wall-to-wall people!
You should have seen the halls & the library! Oh my...
We coincide our Grandparent celebration with our Book Fair, so you know we bring in a few bucks there!! Grandparents are such suckers wonderful providers for their grandchildren's education!

I say this with sincere appreciation, as my own parents and former in-laws were taking turns ushering my boys to the book fair:)
One grandma told me "you can never spoil a child with books!"
You are so right, Grammy!

How does your school celebrate grandparents?
I'd love to hear about it!!

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