Thursday, July 26, 2012

Merry Christmas indeed! & one more pic...

I'm sharing my shopping and one more classroom pic...before I close on my first home in the morning!! Hallelujah, and PTL:)

I love me some First Grade Parade. It was the v-e-r-y first blog I ever stumbled onto:) From there, I just kept stumbling...and what a tumble it has been! I just {heart} this bloggy world, and all of you precious followers!

I have had Cara's Mooseltoe packet in my wish list since right after Valentine's Day. I just figured I would get it closer to Christmas. But...since everyone threw an early Christmas celebration, I scooped it up! Along with Cara's Merry & Bright packet, and Valentine's Friends pack---which also includes a little Presidents' Day & Groundhog activities. What fun!
And speaking of The First Grade Parade, do you have Cara's Writer's Eye Freebie? I was really inspired by her post which included the freebie and a link to her inspiration. I used both her materials and the original blog to create my newest bulletin board. Excuse the blurriness; I had to use my son's iPod!
Does anyone else think these look like Cookie Monster's eyes? If they were a little closer together...I don't know:)

Our building is doing a Heroes theme this year, and I made this while working in the room today. The graphics are from Clementine, a cute little etsy shop:) I've seen this poem floating around, and I just love it! If you think you can use it in your classroom, feel free to click and download!

Alright, wish me blessings, dear friends! If all goes well, I will be an official homeowner this time tomorrow! Have a SUPER day!!


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    1. Oh, Thanks a bunch, Lisa! The last few days have made me a little worried...but I think (hope; pray!) all is well now!!

  2. Hi Amber. Hope the house closed okay! I love your "Do you have a writer's eye?" pic. It is cute!

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